WWII-era B-17 “Nine-O-Nine” Crashed: 7 fatalities

On October 2, 2019, the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress “Nine-O-Nine”, which was privately owned by the Collings Foundation, crashed at the  Bradley International AirportWindsor Locks, Connecticut, United States around 10 a.m.

Seven of the thirteen people on board were killed, and six were injured. Another airport employee whom ran to the wreckage to help pull injured passengers from the burning plane got severely burned on his hands and arms. The Worl War II era aircraft was destroyed by fire, with only a portion of one wing and the tail remaining.

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Collings Foundation’s Nine-O-Nine, in Marana, Arizona, on April 15, 2011. (Credits: Tascam3438 via Wikimedia)

“We know that the crew circled back to Runway 6 and attempted to land on Runway 6,” she said. “They impacted the instrument landing system stanchions, the plane veered to the right, crossed over a grassy area, crossed over the taxiway and impacted a de-icing facility.” said NTSB board member Jennifer Homendy.

B-17 “Nine-O-Nine” belonged to the nonprofit Collings Foundation, which uses about two dozen aircraft to educate the public about their role in American history. Names of the fatalities still haven’t been released.

More information will be published when released.

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