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World Wars Magazine welcomes submissions from authors, collectors, researchers, and others who would like to see their work published.

Please do not send unsolicited PDFs, zipped images, links to FTP sites or file sharing sites, or very large files. But don’t scrimp on the number of images – the more, the better. If you must send zipped images or links to downloadable images, please send a few sample images in your email to give us an idea.

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Note: After reviewing your submission(s) and successfully accepting your work, we will create an “About the author” box, which will be published under your article(s), in which your “About me” details will be displayed.

Guidance: Conduct preliminary research, use reliable sources, and pay attention to style, structure, and voice before writing the article. Avoid the same length sentences; try to attract the reader’s attention and it must be easy to read. The preferred length of an article is between 800 – 2,500 words.

Important: Please make sure you only submit content to us if you are the owner of all intellectual property rights in that content. This means, for example, that you own the copyright in the content as well as any trademarks, which may be registered or unregistered. Where there is a claim that someone else owns all or part of the intellectual property rights in the content, we will investigate the claim and will remove the content from our website if necessary. We are free to publish content that you submit to us in whole or part on this website or any other site in which we have publishing rights. We DO NOT allow links within the article to point to any other website not relevant to the article, we do not allow affiliate links from authors within the articles.

Please make sure you do not submit any content that might be considered abusive, obscene, illegal, libelous, defamatory, racist, or factually inaccurate, as we will not publish such content. Remember you are fully responsible for all content you submit to us and you accept liability for any actions relating to the content. Any comments and reviews posted on this website by you or other users do not necessarily reflect our opinions and we are not responsible or liable for any content submitted by you or anyone else.

By providing submissions to us, you confirm that agree with these terms.

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Note: World Wars Magazine has a passionate and opinionated readership and our articles can attract a lot of comments. While we believe in freedom of speech, we understand that sometimes comments can upset readers and authors who send us their work. We try to moderate comments to keep them reasonable but sometimes we can make mistakes. If you submit an article and you think comments are unreasonable or upsetting please drop us a line and we’ll take action.

Comments Policy: We accept constructive, insightful, funny comments as well as critical ones (when expressed with intelligence and good manners). We don’t like bad language, abuse, rudeness, gushiness, commercial messages, and people pretending to be someone else. We reserve the right to edit and to delete every comment that gets submitted.

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