Combat History Panzer Abteilung 103

REVIEW: Combat History of the Panzer-Abteilung 103

The book presents the detailed combat history of German Panzer-Abteilung 103 as part of the 3. Panzergrenadier-Division in Italy from September 1943 to August 1944 based on the almost unknown war diary of this unit. The Panzer-Abteilung 103 was fully equipped with Sturmgeschütz III assault guns. This is an impressive look at tactical-level events and command decisions, highlighting the German armored combat tactics in Italy. The book includes a number of original maps and excellent photos.

REVIEW of Combat History of the Panzer-Abteilung 103 by Norbert Szamveber (ISBN: 978-6155583018). Published by PeKo Publishing.

The book is based on the few panzer related dairy’s that survived the war, The Kriegstagebuch of Panzer-Abteilung 103. The diary (and therewith the book) starts with the unit’s history on 20 June 1943 and ends on 20 August 1944.

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Reviewing this book is hard – for me – because this book is based on the original war dairy, I also do not have the correct facts or history to review anything that was written or is described in the book that occurred.

Yet what I can tell you about the book is that it doesn’t disappoint me. PeKo Publishing always keeps me amazed with the quality (and not quantity) they put into their books. This book was published in A4 size; contains 6 b/w photos, 35 maps and documents.

All published on quality paper. Of course – for modelers – this book will be of less interest since it only contains  b/w photographs but I don’t mind. If you can’t find other photographs of this unit, don’t put other photographs from unrelated units into it. This is a combat history book and will please all panzer enthusiasts who seek to learn more on this unit.

As stated you will find the unit’s history day per day in the book. Next to the date the most valuable information that occurred that day is given. I’ve reviewed and rated this book as a unit history book, not in a modeler’s point of view. Modelers or enthusiasts of original tank related pictures, should choice the World War Two Photobook Series of PeKo Publishing.

This book is available for purchase on Amazon (US), Amazon (CA)Amazon (UK), Amazon (DE) and Amazon (FR)

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